AMD APUs: Made for Budget Gaming

TPicture1he budget for super high end graphics cards may vary from person to person, hence people with lower budgets, rely on the integrated GPU which is integrated into the motherboard of the CPU or whatever processor they have, to get them through their basic gaming requirement.  Here is an introduction to AMD’s APU which is head to head with Intel’s processors to find which one deserves your valuable gaming buck.

The AMD Accelerated Processing Unit, formerly known as APU, is a processor from AMD.

Along with this, AMD introduced Heterogeneous System Architecture (HSA), which is a system architecture that allows accelerators, for instance, a graphics processor, to operate at the processing level as the system’s CPU. Well that was too much technical, in short AMD introduced something which combines both CPU as well as GPU.

So, if you are having a tight budget say around 20K (for CPU only) and want to have an enthralling experience of all the latest games then this might be correct choice for you. AMD has a wide variety of APUs like A6, A8, A10. This processor requires a motherboard with socket FM2, for which there is a wide range of motherboards available.

I’ve recently bought AMD A10-5800K which is a part of AMD’s APU series and it cost me about 8K, now with 4GB of DDR3 memory I can play all modern gaming titles like Crysis 3, Battlefield 3, Medal Of Honor : Warfighter, Tomb Raider (2013), Bioshock Infinite and many more at a very playable gaming experience. You may also have to down your graphics settings for a smoother experience but it is pretty reasonable for the amount you might have paid.

Whereas if you go for INTEL platform, and choose one from top of the Intel lineup i.e. Core i7-3770K, which costs 21K, you will not get extreme graphics performance as A10-5800 can. Though CPU inside i7-3770K is much powerful than A-10, it doesn’t matter much if you are buying a processor for gaming.

In addition, the APU also facilitates with EYEFINITY DISPLAY. What that means is you can play your games with three displays concurrently. Playing something like ‘Need for Speed’ in three surround monitors is the ultimate gaming experience.

However if your budget is high,  this processor might not be the right choice as you can have more better gaming experience with high end graphics cards and Intel platform.

In conclusion, if your budget is low and if you want to use integrated GPU then APUs from AMD just rock the house and if you do not want to use integrated GPU and have high budget to install a super dedicated graphics card in your system then you might be better off with a different choice, all comes down to your personal preference.


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