All I Need is to WAIT…

allineedToo much to get, too much to drop,
Too much to live, too much to pass on,
Yet longing for all, yearning to crop,
All I need is to WAIT…
Now too much in grief, too much mourning,
Is this to live life long? No don’t want this any more.
I’m craving, and I’m struggling, I’m aching,
All I need is to WAIT…
Too much bliss, too much pleasure,
Too much to suffer, too much to forbid,
Right time, Right place I’m awaiting to cheer,
All I need is to WAIT…
I’ve tried to make things right and perfectly wow,
It could’ve been too astounding, too good,
But may be life doesn’t want that happening now,
Cause’ all it wants me to do is to WAIT…

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