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DDU Connect (launched: 17th March, 2012) is DDU’s (Dharmsinh Desai University) 20 paged monthly newspaper. It started as a 16 page tabloid (for volume1) – a ‘By the students, For the students’ venture with an aim to ‘Connect’ various departments of our University and showcasing the hidden creativity of its students and now has a changed motto of ‘Changing Dimensions’. DDU Connect aims to be a medium that will connect the students with DDU. In more than 50 years of DDU’s epic book, something which had been just missing was a platform, a platform lending a hand to the students to rise to a level, a level to rise and reach to the management, a level to rise and peek into the institute’s happenings and undertakings, a level to reach to faculty’s abode and know about them. DDU Connect is this very platform that aims to give the DDU youths all this through a 20 page monthly tabloid.

About Content:

DDU Connect aims at providing students information about all the latest happening in the world of their own stream – be it an opus or pandemonium. The tabloid contains all the latest happenings which take place in various departments of our university. It also contains the latest placement stats and interviews of various heads of our university. All these are seen at the DDU Buzz section. Latest happenings in the Technical world are seen at Technophoria.

The Non-Technical portion includes Poems, Fiction stories, Writers lounge, A debate column DDU Speaks. The humor quotient of the tabloid is seen in the fun page and DDU Disconnect – a fun-filled page with insurmountable wit, humor and sarcasm all in the backdrop we live in – DDU. All the aspiring writers & poets are given a platform to write their own views and showcase their writing prowess. The tabloid also regularly features different art works and photography skills of the students.

DDU Connect has grown exponentially since its launch. It held a Photography exhibition and played an active part in the University Foundation Day event, which witnessed a Guinness record being established.

If you wish to be a part of Changing Dimensions; which is by showcasing your creativity let us know. Contact us via dduconnect.in/contact-us or dduconnect@gmail.com

DDU Connect is the current BIG THING in DDU. Are you in this marathon to reach the Everest of creativity?

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