About things left unsaid………….!

Things left unsaid...

The rightly called paper celluloid of our university, which also the first of its kind, was successfully launched as per the knowledge us of all.

The paper or should I say the window to knowledge was highly acknowledged by the professionals as well as the students. Chandrakant Mehta , the chief guest at the inauguration ceremony of the DDU-CONNECT was surprised and awed by fantastic yet quite realistic work of the students of our university. Let me say this very informative yet totally “not a bit insipid”  tabloid is gaining workspace in the arena because of its lucidity and comprehensive content management and dedication of all the people behind it. The warm and enthusiastic response that we met was more than what we expected….some liked it… some criticized it…. But trust me most of all loved it !!!!!

“Not for name, not for glory….. Only for knowledge and only for merry” – this basic concept thrives in every beat of CONNECT’s heart. And that’s why friends I am here with a appeal to my own people…

A newspaper is tested and verified by none others but its readers. The same applies for our newsletter. Friends, I appeal to you to help us make it better….

Submit your articles. Your views your thoughts your ideas.. you have something to say…. We have something to publish. Feel free to express your views. Its our right, isn’t it|? Make full use of our freedom of expression. We sincerely admire anything you have for us. you can send us your work or just post it online….. Don’t just let the things left unsaid…Lets say it out loud !


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