A letter to my daughter

My Darling Daughter,
The first notion that came into my mind when I pondered about you is that how I, as a father will bring you up. But more thought-provoking things are the reasons and circumstances which made me think about you and in no time I made up my mind to write to you. And for that I need not wait till your birth.
I, Ronak Patel, your father at the age of 19 am writing this to you, my daughter.
According to me, father & daughter share a flamboyant bond which cannot be replicated in any other relation that has ever existed. I’ll try my level best to make it everlasting between you and me. At some instance of time our opinions and priorities may clash, our perspectives may rattle but I assure you that you and your happiness will always be given higher preference over mine. And more importantly, you will always be heard.
There comes a time in life when one feels dejected, baffled and helpless. The same may happen with you. You may find the things going south, you may face hazy situations, and you may find unpleasant and antisocial people around you. But the only thing which will rescue you from any trap is your conscience. There may be a friend behind a stranger’s face and there is an equal chance of him/her being an enemy. But it’s you who has to meticulously choose whom you should rely on.
We live in such a society where privileges, morals and characters of men and women are measured on separate anvils. Women are always made to toe the line. So, the possibility of yours being fed up by such irrational things are very high. But my child, life tests us very often and we have to compromise at the same time. But you will never be disenchanted from my side; I’ll stand by you all the time even if I have to fight with the entire world.
Make a note in your mind my dear, it’s ok if you commit mistakes, it’s ok if you fail big time, it’s ok if you can’t fulfill all expectations but never lose faith in your near & dear ones and especially in yourself. Trusting someone is not enough every time, but trusting someone’s trust is more important. You will be attaining many responsibilities at a time, a daughter, a wife and a mother. You will have to create harmony among all these roles. At times, you will have to make tough choices, decide priorities and tread difficult roads all alone. You can never make everyone happy, yet promise me my child; you will accomplish your responsibilities with all your heart.
Sometimes you’ll have to act against your heart, but look out that you aren’t hurting any innocent by doing that. ‘Letting go’ is the toughest thing to do but once you learn that you would be capable to overcome any pain. Take responsibility, be honest, accept your mistakes and last but foremost forgive.

I’ll tell you two things in conclusion. Be a good human being and for that the only thing you have to do is to leave behind a good impression. Live your life to the fullest, for living doesn’t mean only breathing.
I know you’ll make me proud and yourself too.
I love you, my daughter…
Your loving Dad,
Ronak Patel

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